Our innovative approach to strategy building and design

Our innovative approach to strategy building and design

Having cooperated with several Slovenian companies to develop sound and actionable strategic plans, we have devised our own unique approach to strategic advisory that we call Interactive Strategic Development Process. Based at the crossroads of theory and practice, hard analytics and people skills, its main objective is to improve your bottom line by refining your strategic direction, and getting every single employee to identify with the mission at hand.
Our unique approach to strategy building is centered around client workshops, during which several strategy drafts are presented to the client. By giving all the employees a chance to openly discuss and contest the ideas proposed, we can minimize the hurdles to successful implementation by giving everyone a stake in the process. Having agreed on an optimal solution, a final strategy document is prepared. It consists of a corporate strategy that articulates the direction the company is headed, a business-unit strategy that provides a roadmap for how to get there, and a financial plan that connects both by translating ideas into numbers. Since main strategic focuses are usually sales, profitability and cost control, our financial models include key corporate performance targets regarding these areas, which allows you to start measuring your progress from day one.

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