11 Bulgarian Internet, TV providers merge into a single company

At least 11 Internet and TV providers, operating in 40 cities and 110 smaller settlements, will be merged into a single public entity, dubbed Bulgarian Telecom and Television (BTT). The company will unite the business of NetWorx Bulgaria, Digital Communications, Escom, Internet Communication Optic Network (ICON), Telnet, STV, Balchik Net, Optinet, Diana Cable TV, PowerNet and BOL.BG East.

According to BTT, the company currently provides services to over 150,000 users countrywide, available to nearly one million households. The deal is the telecom sector’s largest merger in terms of number of companies involved. The enlarged company targets to expand its operations until reaching a complete coverage nationwide, BTT said in a media statement. The company will develop its own brand and also plans to roll out new services, including mobile Internet (GSM, 4G, WiFi). PowerNet’s CEO, Dimitar Hinkov, has been appointed BTT’s executive director, while NetWorx Bulgaria’s head Emilian Dikov will chair the board of directors.

Source: news.dnevnik.bg