A green experiment for Chernobyl

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the implementation of alternative energy projects in the Chernobyl Power Plant Zone of Alienation. The instruction proposes to allow the construction of photovoltaic power stations and wind farms in this area. Besides, it allows building timber incinerators, growing biofuel crops and deploying facilities for their processing.

“This zone should be reanimated. If it may not be used for agricultural production, then renewables should be the answer. It is a perfect option for implementing infrastructure projects in this region,” said Vitalii DAVII, president of the Association of Alternative Fuels and Energy Market Participants. He believes there is a potential for the production of 200 megawatt photovoltaic solar plant in value of 400 – 450 EUR million, which would supply energy to 400 thousand households. There is a feed-in tariff, which can be a sufficient incentive for the development of alternative energy through private businesses.

Ecologists have their own opinion of alternative energy projects in the Chernobyl alienation zone. “From the viewpoint of environmental safety, the development of solar and wind energy in Chernobyl and the alienation zone could prove efficient. But when it comes to growing biofuel crops on the territory of the Chernobyl zone, it is absolutely inacceptable,” said Tetiana TYMOCHKO, president of the Ukraine-wide Ecological League. “This is related to extensive farming and involves large numbers of people to tend the crops. The farmers could suffer irreparable damage without serious scientific research and ecological surveillance.”

Source: The Day Weekly Digest