CFO’s expanded role in digital enterprise – Are you already there?

The role of finance, and in particular the role of the CFO, has rapidly evolved with the rise of the digital enterprise. Traditionally, the financial function was charged with protecting enterprise assets by maintaining accurate books and guarding against financial risk. That role has expanded to include providing insight and direction for decision-making across the company’s functional and market-facing areas, as well as becoming an increasingly key player in shaping corporate strategy.

The fact is that four forces disrupting the CFO role:

  • Understanding of digital and smart technologies.
  • Delivery of sheer volume of data and advanced analytics.
  • Risk management and uncertainty beyond traditional financial risk.
  • Increasing responsibility for stakeholder scrutiny and regulation.
  • Therefore, CFOs need powerful application tools to meet expectations of their new role. According to many reputable international surveys Jedox platform is one of the most suitable solutions for CFOs to leverage innovative IT. Read more