Gazprom set on reaching 50 gas stations in Romania

Gazprom, the largest gas producer in the world, plans to open 50 filling stations in Romania by the end of 2013.

The first Gazprom filling station on Romanian soil was opened in Sibiu, on Christmas Eve. The entire chain of local stations will be under the management of the Serbian NIS group, which is controlled by Gazprom.
“Romania is the second largest European market on which Gazprom filling stations now operate”, stated Gazprom representatives. “On December 19, the first Gazprom filling station was opened in Serbia. Plans for development on the retail segment under this brand include Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the end of 2013, the Gazprom network of filling stations in the Balkans will have reached 100 units”.
“The development of the Gazprom filling stations in the Balkans is our strategic objective,” stated Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Gazprom Neft Board of Directors. “We aim to expand in Serbia and Romania and the next step is to enter the Bulgarian market. I am confident that in the near future the network of Gazprom filling stations will spread through the Balkans and take over leadership of the market.”
This is not Gazprom`s only acquisition in the region. This fall the NIS group purchased three Euroil private filling stations in Romania, and in December 2012, rumor had it that NIS was hair’s breadth from signing for the purchase of 60 OMV Petrom stations in Romania.

Source: Romania-insiderZiarul FinanciarNIS Group