Jedox receives 15 top rankings in “The Planning Survey 19”

BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Jedox, a leading vendor of Enterprise Performance Management software, achieved outstanding results in this year’s The Planning Survey 19 – the world’s largest customer survey on planning, budgeting and forecasting software. Among EPM tools, Jedox confirmed its top rank with a total of 46 leading positions across its three comparison groups, including 15 top positions in categories such as “Business Value”, “Functionality”, “Data Integration”, “Self-Service” and “User Experience”. The vendor’s impressive 96% product satisfaction rate speaks for itself. With the top rank in Forecasting functionality in the group “BI-Focused Products” and innovative product features, Jedox also solidifies its place as a trailblazer in technology for planning and predictive analytics.

Dr. Christian Fuchs, Senior Vice-President and Head of Analytics & Data Management Practice at BARC, summarizes the results: “Companies can benefit from using Jedox’s software in terms of improved employee satisfaction, improved integration of planning with reporting/analysis and reduced resource requirements for planning.”