Prospects for 2013, Romanian currency appreciation and encouraging industry forecasts

“Romania’s economic prospects are particularly encouraging,” said Greg Konieczny, Executive Vice President of Templeton Emerging Markets Group and Fund Manager of Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea. In an outlook for Romania in 2013 released January 21, Greg Konieczny suggests that Romania is in a good position to outpace the EU for economic growth this year, as well as predicting GDP advance of greater than 1% in 2013.

The outlook indicates that although the economy is promising, negative views are still prevalent in Romania. Several factors are identified as positive signs for Romania, including relatively low levels of public debt to GDP, some 33.3% and well below the 82.5% EU average. Exports, with falling demand from the Eurozone, are set to be replaced by domestic demand and local investments as drivers for growth.

Source: Romania Insider