Romania in a Fitch ratings table least exposed to crisis among European emerging countries

Romania is among the 36 countries with its own currency that are most exposed to Euro area crisis according to Fitch. However it is least exposed to the euro crisis among European emerging countries. Globally Fitch does not forecast a capital market crisis in the scale of the one in 2008-2009, but considers that the Euro area crisis could be the source of investors’ fears and risk aversion. Romania’s highest risk is exhibited in its exposure to Euro area banks and medium risks when it comes to exports in the Euro area, ratio of external debt in total government debts and inflation. Lower risks are connected with low dependence on raw materials, lower government debt to GDP ratio, lower ratio between loans and deposits, real growth of credits and the ratio between credits and GDP. The first place in the table was given to Vietnam, then Hungary and the rest more exposed to Euro area risk are Tunisia, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Source: nineoclock