Slovenia Once Again Opened for Business

One year after the Slovenian National Assembly gave a “green light” to the sale of 15 state equity investments, the privatization procedure is in full swing even after sparking some controversies and being put on hold for a short period of time, as previous Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek resigned (under her leadership the privatization process was approved).
With Helios, Fotona and Aerodrom Ljubljana already being sold, privatization procedures for Telekom Slovenije, Žito and NKBM (just to name the biggest and media covered privatization procedures) already started and are near the closing stages.
In addition to state owned investments, largest Slovenia retailer Mercator was sold in ninth attempt in June 2014 to Croatian Agrokor. After number of failed attempts over the last (almost) 10 years the sale finally went through indicating the future direction of Slovenia once again being opened for foreign investments.
Source: Dnevnik, Delo