P&S Planning

With a simplified and transparent work in a company we can do the same as well as more in less time and with minimal errors. Meet the P&S Planning!

P&S Planning makes life easer

In financial and planning departments, where the Excel spreadsheets are still the number 1 for planning, analysis and monitoring, an advanced integrated solution P&S Planning is welcome upgrade. The planning process is without error and shortcomings instead of weeks, made in the days that encourages autonomy and maintain control and thereby enhancing the desired confidence.


Preparing a business plan with a moss

P&S Planning in one solution on a single platform enables the preparation of annual or multi-annual business plan, through detailed or global plan of individual elements of the business and balance sheet. All the planned categories are reflected in the plan of the income statement, balance sheet, performance indicators and in cash flow plan. P&S Planning enables dynamic determination of the main categories of planning, as well as dynamic adaptation to the specifics of each company.

Supported by Jedox

P&S Planning is based on the Jedox platform. Jedox as an international partner with a platform for effective corporate performance management give support to more than 130,000 users in 25 countries. More about Jedox can be found on our website.