P&S Valuation

P&S developed solution P&S Valuation for purposes of companies’ valuation process, based on modern concepts of valuation. Solution P&S Valuation covers income approach, based on the discounting free cash flows.

Business valuation on a simple way

P&S Valuation in one solution on a single platform methodological covers income approach of the valuation of companies, which includes long-term business planning and planning of other elements that affect the value of the company, up to determination of the discount rate, the calculation of the residual value, the calculation of the present value of future cash flows and valuations. Solution rounded preset summaries and results of planning and evaluation the value of the company.


  • Determination of discount rate
  • Calculation of residual
  • Evaluation of excess investments and fixed assets
  • Calculation of present value
  • Calculation of value of the company


  • Summaries and results of planning
  • Estimation values
  • Scenarios averages
  • Cash flow plan


Supported by Jedox

P&S Planning is based on the Jedox platform. Jedox as an international partner with a platform for effective corporate performance management give support to more than 130,000 users in 25 countries. More about Jedox can be found on our website.