P&S CAPITAL is one of the pioneers in business valuation in Eastern Europe, having started in the break-through year of 1989. Since then, the notion of “value” in market economies extended its scope of application from a mere technical financial modelling to the way of thinking about causes and consequences of business decisions.

Our valuations are based on detailed understanding of industries and broad spectrum of extensive theoretical knowledge about business valuation. On the other hand, we strive to substantiate our valuations with actual transactions. Therefore, in the past 26 years we have completed over 1,400 valuation projects across the region. Numerous transactions, successfully completed by our clients, were based on valuations provided by P&S CAPITAL and serve as a testament to the quality of our services.

In valuation process we apply the latest approaches of business valuation:

  • Income approach, based on a discounted free cash flow.
  • Market approach, based on comparable company and comparable transaction multiples.
  • Cost approach, based on the value of company’s assets and liabilities.

For further information regarding business valuation services, please contact Dean Mikolic, Founder & Managing Director, phone +386 1 234 33 00 or via e-mail address

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