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Company sales, acquisitions or IPOs are important factors in market economies with a profound effect on both buyer and seller. At P&S Group we offer advisory services aimed at supporting executives’ decision-making process on the issues of strategic development, value creation and growth. To our clients we provide advice on sell-side and buy-side transactions, mergers, spin-offs, pre-IPO advisory services, as well services such as evaluation of investment attractiveness and transaction services.

We offer services for each individual transaction phase or advice on the process as a whole. Our track record consists of an extensive range of successfully concluded projects in South Eastern Europe and Ukraine, through which we have gained a profound experience in corporate finance transactions. Maximization of clients’ returns and efficient execution of transaction is always our priority.

In addition, we have successfully finished several projects for Slovenian companies in Italy, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA.

For further information regarding financial advisory services, please contact Dean Mikolic, Founder & Managing Director, phone +386 1 234 33 00 or via e-mail address: 

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