Company Sale or Aquisition

Company Sale or Aquisition

Company sale or acquisition represents a crucial milestone in a lifecycle of every business entity and creates long-lasting consequences for its owners as well as for the company itself. Therefore, it is crucial that the sale or acquisition procedure is conducted effectively and professionally in order to avoid reducing the profits of the sale or overpaying the equity stake.

Added value of a professionally managed and coordinated sale or acquisition procedure is not only in a financial outcome of the transaction, but also in a successful closing of a transaction which would otherwise remain at a standstill. Our experts, with extensive experiences in company sale and acquisition services, can manage the entire procedure, including the coordination of activities of different advisors (legal advisors, tax advisors, business valuators and auditors). They advise the owners and investors in the course of the procedure and instruct them on the most efficient approaches, mechanisms and means for achieving the goal of the transaction.

Our main competitive advantage in managing company sales and acquisitions is a continuous presence in the investment community and an established network of contacts between businessmen and investors in Slovenia and abroad, while the numerous experiences gained in international transactions carried out for our clients and for our own investment purposes give us an insight into the needs of business and the mentality of investors.

The main activities in the course of managing company sale and acquisition include the following:


  • Preparing preliminary analysis of the business
  • Preparing preliminary analysis of potential buyers
  • Analysing key business valuation factors and related risks
  • Designing sales strategy
  • Preparing sales documents to attract investors (teaser and information memorandum)
  • Searching and establishing contact with potential investors
  • Coordinating buyer due diligence procedures
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Analysing received offers
  • Coordinating and supervising the closing of transaction


  • Identifying and analysing needs and demands of the investor and determining objectives of transaction
  • Systematic analysis and identification of potential target companies given the strategic needs and demands of the investor
  • Establishing contact with target companies and gaining relevant information
  • Performing due diligence and risk analysis
  • Valuating target
  • Drafting the acquisition offer
  • Negotiating and structuring transaction
  • Coordinating and supervising the closing of transaction

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