Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Financial, tax, legal and business (commercial) due diligence are critical to the success of every company sale or acquisition. In-depth analysis of a target company and deeper understanding of the business will allow an investor to make a well-informed decision, rather than having to face unexpected problems after the acquisition. On the other hand, seller can identify critical points that he can resolve prior to the actual sale. By having a transparent and open approach to potential buyers he can increase their level of trust in his company.

We build on our profound knowledge of the way companies function in transition economies to provide comprehensive due diligence of a company and identify key areas of risk that may affect its business in the future. We focus not only on the financial and legal aspects, but also on the evaluation of operations, corporate governance and management.

P&S Group provides the following services:

  • Lender or vendor due diligence, which may include::
  • Accounting – financial due diligence, with the aim of assessing the actual financial situation of the company, which often cannot be established solely on the basis of the company’s financial statements. Therefore, our experts apply own methods and techniques developed in the course of due diligence procedures performed in various South Eastern European countries.
  • Tax due diligence, which includes the analysis of all elements necessary for an objective assessment of tax payments made, as well as the assessment of any potential tax obligations.
  • Legal due diligence, in the course of which our legal experts review all legal aspects of the transaction, in order to determine a level of potential legal risks for a buyer or a seller of the company.
  • Business (commercial) due diligence, with the focus on soft determinants which establish company’s competitive position and influence a decision to acquire an equity stake in the company. Business due diligence, therefore, includes an analysis of industry trends, including mergers and acquisitions, SWOT analysis and the assessment of company’s strategy together with the evaluation of its feasibility.

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