Merger and Spin-off

Merger and Spin-off

In global market economy, mergers are common way of business expansion. If not managed properly, merger proceedings may become very risky and may result in diminishing corporate value or serious financial difficulties of the merged entity. Therefore, our experts apply self-developed methodologies and approaches to manage merger procedures in an efficient manner and accomplish corporate merger.

On the other hand, companies occasionally wish to transfer a part of their business activity to a newly established entity in order to focus on their main activities, without selling the inessential activities. In these cases, a spin-off or a split-up procedure is initiated. 

We provide the following services:

  • Target search and assessment of target companies
  • Valuation of companies to establish exchange ratio
  • Assessment of potential synergy effects (incremental revenues, increased operating efficiency, disposal of surplus assets, improved access to capital markets, etc)
  • Advising on merger and spin-off procedures (legal and financial)
  • Structuring transaction.

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