P&S Startup

Understanding the links between risk and return is the key to good decision making and consequently guidance in projects that add value to the company. Use P&S Startup to make decisions based on simulations and not just feelings.

P&S Startup for decision makers

P&S Startup enables simulation of risks and expected results (profitability). Risk analysis is a part of every decision we take because we are constantly faced with uncertainty, because, although we have access to different information, we cannot accurately predict the future.

P&S Startup allows estimate of the value of the project on the basis of expected cash flows, which is an essential tool of every decision maker. For the most demanding users P&S CAPITAL developed their own methodology of simulations of estimate value of the Startup companies.

Supported by Jedox

P&S Planning is based on the Jedox platform. Jedox as an international partner with a platform for effective corporate performance management give support to more than 130,000 users in 25 countries. More about Jedox can be found on our website.