In July ACH d.d., Slovenia reached an agreement to sell the IT firm Perftech, Ljubljana to another IT firm, RRC, Ljubljana for €2.1m. RRC, which is owned by Mr. Tomažin, became an owner of 90% of Perftech by acquiring the stake of ACH (80%) and another private owner (10%). The process was run by P&S CAPITAL as an exclusive advisor to the sale, which ensured that the process was run in a professional and competitive manner and that it has resulted in both involved parties being pleased with a transaction price.

Perftech provides IT solutions that support all aspects of modern business needs and provide IT services for implementation of these solutions and build information infrastructure. Perftech is an important player in the IT services used by SME’s.

Following the successful completion of the acquisition both companies Perftech and RRC employ jointly around 100 employees and generate around €9m annual sales.